Sarsfields Day Festival Weekend       Friday  21st.-  Sunday  23rd.  August 2015

In August 2014  we created the inaugural Sarsfields Day festival weekend, dedicated to Limerick’s hero Patrick Sarsfield  and the heroic defenders of Limerick in 1690.   Michael “Galloping” Hogan, Ned of the Hills, Honora de Burke and the Marquis de Boisseleau  and  70  fully costumed Jacobean horsemen  rode through the streets of Limerick, for the first time in over 320 years , in a festival pageant commemorating Sarsfield’s historical ride to Ballyneety in 1690, to intercept and blow up the Williamite munitions train, which ultimately helped defend the walled city of Limerick to repel William of Orange and lead to the Treaty of Limerick in 1691. The whole pageant was a great success, with over 6000 locals and tourists enjoying a historic reenactment of the events of the 1st Siege of Limerick in August 1690.

This year, we will be expanding the festival, to incorporate the Limerick Sail & Oar festival,which will include a reenactment of the ” Flight of  The Wild Geese ” in 1691, which was the departure from Ireland to France, of the Irish Jacobite army of around 14000 soldiers and nearly 6000 women and children under the command of Sarsfield, as agreed in the Treaty of Limerick on 3rd October 1691, following the end of the Williamite War in Ireland.

Our pageant this year will include 100 costumed horsemen and band, riding through Limerick again, followed by a Sound & Light show and a  spectacular fireworks display on the river in front of King Johns castle, to re-enact the massive explosion created at Ballyneety in August 1690, which was heard in the hills of Clare and further afar.

Be part of our city’s great historical and proud history.


Friday 21st August.

7.30pm     Official opening –  TBA

8.00pm    Music Concert .  TBA

Saturday 22nd August.

11.00am   Sail & Oar Festival  on river at Arthurs Quay Riverside Park, Limerick Centre.

2.00pm   Battle re-enactments and Wild Geese event on the river at Arthurs Quay park.

8.30pm   100 fully costumed Jacobean horsemen including Sarsfield, Galloping Hogan, Boisseleau, Ned of the Hills, Honora de Burke  etc will ride out of King John’s castle over Thomond Bridge and down Clancys strand with a marching band,  followed by an enormous fireworks display and Sound & Light show on the riverfront.

Sunday  23rd  August.

9.00am   Sarsfields Ride  (cycle tour) 135kms (85mls) – Start/Finish – King Johns Castle, Limerick. Top class cycle tour over the whole route of Sarsfields historic ride to Ballyneety in 1690 and continuing on to finish at King Johns Castle, Limerick. The route will travel through Counties Clare, Tipperary, Limerick, and finish at King John’s Castle, Limerick .
Click here for   registration form and route map.

2.oopm   Tug of war ( between the 5 medieval parishes of Limerick), Archery, Busking Competition ( Open to everybody over 16) ,   Pig Roast, BBQs, Kiddies entertainments, Crafts  & lots more.

4.00pm   Return of cyclists from Sarsfields Ride Cycle Tour, with entertainment.